Yardage Calculator for Pattern Testers and Designers

Thanks for all the love on my previous post on How to Calculate Yardage!

Due to the popularity, I created an automatic calculator to help aid you when figuring out yardage. So yes, I took out the math for you, so that it calculates it for you automatically. Did you know that I really like math (seriously, no sarcasm here).

K, so to review. If you want to be taken seriously as a pattern designer or as a pattern tester, you need to figure out create yardage used for your projects. For each color. You can do the math by hand, or you can use this nifty automatic calculator for free!

This calculator is designed for finished crochet or knit projects.

To use the calculator, make sure that you:

  1. Weigh the skein before you begin

  2. Weigh the skein after you finish

  3. Find how many yards are in a full skein. This can be found on the yarn label, but if you do not have that anymore, you can search online

  4. Find how many ounces are in a full skein. Again, this can be found on the label or online.

The great thing about this calculator is that you are able to do this with multiple skeins, so if you finished project requires multiple colors, you will be able to figure out the yardage for each color. Win win!

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy non-algebra-ing!

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