What to Buy if You Love to Knit and Crochet

You know that song “Favorite Things” that Julie Andrews sings in The Sound of Music?

Okay, confession: I didn’t realize that song was from The Sound of Music until 30 seconds ago when I looked it up.

I’d heard it for years and years and years, but didn’t realize it was from The Sound of Music!


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my favorite knit and crochet related purchases I made in 2022.

My Favorite Knit and Crochet Purchases in 2022 

1. Tape Measure – Everyone could use a cute tape measurer, right? And this cute leather one is adorable. It has a button to quickly glide the tape measurer neatly back away, so it is cute and convenient.

2. ChiaoGoo Shorties Interchangeable needles – I’ve been on a knit sock binge recently (obsessed with it!), but I was looking for a good interchangeable needle set that would make it so I wouldn’t have to use double pointed needles. These “shorties” are perfect for that because the cables and needles are short enough to make that tight circle of the socks.

3. Crochet World and Crochet! Magazines – I’m always looking for new crochet projects, and these two magazines are my favorite: Crochet! and Crochet World. They’re classic, and I always love the designs.

4. Pima Cotton – Why had I never used Lion Brand Pima Cotton yarn before 2022? Such a good cotton, and the color selection is beautiful. It is my favorite cotton yarn (and one of my top 3 favorite yarns of all time.)

You can see I used Pima Cotton in my Beginner Keychain Wristlet.

5. Blocking Mats – After trying to pin crochet blankets to my mattress to block them (yes, I read that tip online and tried to do it, and it was a huge headache), I finally bought some blocking mats! I got two sets so that it is big enough to block my blankets.

6. Sock Blocks – Remember my sock obsession? These sock blocks do the trick to make them look truly professional. Once knitted, I steam them while on the blocks, and it helps all my stitches relax and look great.

I got both the kids and adult sizes.

7. My New Favorite Candle – As you can see, I’ve been burning this candle a lot because I love it so much. 

And would you believe it is from Walmart? It is the Salted Coconut and Mahogany scent. (Sounds weird, but trust.)

4. We Are Knitters Kit – My last “favorite” of the year for 2022 was the We Are Knitters knitting kit. I absolutely loved it!

I loved having everything I needed and knowing I wouldn’t be forgetting anything at the store.

I got the “Medea Blanket” kit, and it turned out gorgeous.

So those were my “Favorite Things of 2022”!

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Do you have any purchases you made in 2022 that were your favorite?

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