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Welcome to the Cozy Nooks Designs blog! In these posts I hope to inspire and empower other makers to be more confident in their yarning abilities. Heaven knows I’ve had numerous struggles along the way, whether it be learning new stitches, having mental blocks when designing a new pattern, or even unraveling an entire finished product because I didn’t realize I had a stitch or two wrong early on!

What I love about crochet the most is being able to visualize a project in my mind before it’s even created, followed by the satisfaction of holding a finished product knowing that I made it. Doesn’t matter if you’re following someone else’s pattern or making up a new creation of your own. Regardless of if you’re a lifetime crocheter, or just beginning, you have the ability to create and make anything you want! My hope is that you gain some insight and confidence in your own yarn working abilities.

Now go and create something beautiful!!

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