Product Review: CroChic Styles Hooks

Can you ever have too many crochet hooks? I think we can all agree the answer is no.


Can someone make that into a cute wall hanging for me? Please? Seems like a quotable saying that should be on a wall in my office.

Patty and Paul from CroChic Styles have the most gorgeous hooks and added bonus that a lot of them sparkle.

I’ve been trying out their hooks for the last several months, and I must say – definitely a good purchase.


First, I love Patty & Paul’s way of business. In discussing what hook I would like to try out, they let me know that they purposely make a point of naming their hooks names that are not copyrighted.

So instead of naming a hook “Tangled” or calling a collection “Disney”, they use “Rapunzel” and “Fairy Tale”. I really admire this business practice because I think it is important to take note of (and obey) copyright laws.

As makers, a lot of us know the feeling of having our work copied or duplicated. It’s a really yucky feeling, and just because a company is big, I don’t think it is right to incorporate copyrighted work into a design. Granted, I was guilty of this when I first started CND. I made college baby hats and Disney character hats, but once I realized this ethical no-no, I stopped.

I have a respect for other businesses that take the “harder route” and don’t piggyback off of big businesses by copying them or using their keywords.

I also love how Paul & Patty are a husband/wife team. My husband does a lot for me behind the scenes, so I love seeing a husband and wife supporting one another.

Also, they’re both in the military, which is stinking awesome. My husband’s family is a military family, so I have much respect for the sacrifices they must make.


CroChic Styles makes handmade resin crochet hooks that are ergonomic. They are lightweight, not too long and not too short, and make crocheting a breeze.

The way the yarn is able to glide over the hooks is perfection. No snags or splitting whatsoever.

My favorite part of their hooks is the sparkle and color! Lots of different colors to choose from.

To hear my full thoughts on their hooks, and to watch them in action, check out the YouTube video below!

If you are looking for a way to up your crochet picture game, these hooks are a definite show stopper! They make a beautiful addition to my collection. Go check out CroChic Styles if interested!

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