Free BoHoHo Ornament Crochet Pattern

Who’s ready for another free Christmas pattern?



Crocheted to mirror the bohemian vibe, these ornaments have natural wooden rings, fringe, and wood beads. Oh my!

These modern crochet ornaments were inspired by the boho and macrame decor style, which I am currently crushing on right now. My house used to be decked out in farmhouse decor, but I am slowly transitioning to boho instead.

Though, I don’t think I will ever be able to transition away from this Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt. I think this skirt is timeless enough that it supersedes any trend or fad. Thoughts?

So if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the FREE pattern for the Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt!


For these ornaments, it looks best if worked in a stiff cotton yarn. One like Lily Sugar’n Cream works great.

I really like the color “ecru” because it mimics the look of macrame rope/cord, which really works well to enhance the “boho feel” of the ornaments.


These 3 ornaments are all very beginner friendly. They are actually a great very-first crochet project!

I used the Christmas Tree Ornaments as a project when teaching in person classes to first-time crochet students. It went great once they got the hang of how to do single crochet. The trickiest part of the design is trying to crochet around a ring.

If that becomes too complicated or hard to do, you can omit the wooden ring. You can always just use chain stitches instead.

I do have a helpful video that explains how to crochet around a ring, though. View it here

Alright, so let’s get to the pattern!

To make the Wreath BoHoHo Ornament, you will need-



8 sc sts = 2” by 8 rows = 2”


4.5” in diameter


US Crochet Terms Used

  • ch – Chain
  • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches
  • sl st – Slip Stitch
  • sc – Single Crochet

The ch 1 does not count as a stitch.

Also, you can save yourself time unravelling fringe by “combing” your needle through the strands rather than unraveling by hand. You’re welcome.

Now we are ready to get started!


Using a 2” wooden ring

Insert your hook through the ring & yarn over.

Pull yarn up through wood ring.

Yarn over and pull though the loop.

Make sure you don’t let the beginning tail go. You will need to crochet over it for the next few sc sts.

Sc making sure you are sc over the tail marked in red.

Do this for a total of 25 times around the ring.

When you get to the beginning single crochet, join to it with a sl st.

For round 2, ch 1 and sc in each st around, join.

Fasten off and weave in the ends. Adjust the sc sts so they are evenly spaced around the ring.


Now for the fun detailing. Attaching the fringe is what makes this ornament really pop!

I have a video that shows how, and you can watch it here

First you need to cut 25 strands of yarn that are about 3.5 inches in length.

Fold strand in half and thread it though the needle. Insert needle up through the front and back loop of one of the sc st.

This is what the strand looks like through the sc st.

You then grab the two ends and pull down through the loop created.

When pulled tight, this is what the fringe piece looks like.

You repeat this for the remaining 24 strands of fringe.

Unravel or comb your needle through the strands of fringe. If you do not like the crinkled fringe look, you could always straighten it with a straightener or iron very carefully.

You can also give the fringe a trim if it is looking a little uneven. I trim mine so it is about an inch long.

Now time for the hanging loop. Cut a 9 inch strand and tie the ends together at the tip and trim the excess.

Attach the circle to the ornament using the same method you used to attach the fringe.

Thread the circle strand with a needle and add 3 beads for decoration.

Tie a knot at the top of the beads to secure them.

And there is your wreath BoHoHo Ornament! Super easy, right?

If you are interested in making the rest of the set, you can check out the PDF pattern in my shop, Etsy, or Ravelry.

Make sure that when you post to social media or another platform, please refer back to me as the designer. If you are on Instagram, tag @CozyNooksDesigns and use #BoHoHoOrnaments for a chance to be featured!

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Thanks, friends! If you like this pattern, leave a comment below.

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