Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for a way to add some farmhouse flair to the bottom of your Christmas Tree?

This is why I came up with this beginner-friendly crochet tree skirt!

When I was looking to make a crochet tree skirt for my own tree, I could not find many crochet patterns . . . or at least none that quite fit my style. I found a beautiful already made knit tree skirt at a popular high-end store, but I didn’t want to pay that price, so I decided to make my own crochet version!


This tree skirt is crocheted without a seam. You will be turning your work at the end of each row, and the beginning chains allow for the tree stand hole.

The buttons are then added on at the end once finished crocheting. The button holes are the spaces between the double crochets to customize the button placements.



The Yarn

I love using Lion Brand yarn to crochet! My all time favorite yarn to work with is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. I love the wool blend and how thick and cozy the yarn looks.

I was trying to create a thick, cozy, sweater-like tree skirt, so this is why I chose this color. I wanted it extra bulky, so I used two strands held together, which makes the skirt extra chunky.

Because 2 strands are held together to make the skirt, the tree skirt works up super fast! I am able to make the 42” skirt in just a few hours.


I wanted to design a tree skirt that would be modern and mirror the high-end designs I had seen in retail stores, but I wanted to keep it beginner-friendly. This skirt uses simple stitches, yet creates a modern feel and texture.

The pattern is an experienced beginner design because you need to be comfortable crocheting with a large hook and holding 2 strands together.

To help those who may be struggling with the crochet pattern, I filmed a YouTube video showing how to make the Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt!

To make the skirt, you will need-


  • Approximately 750/950/1200 yards of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick – “Fisherman

  • Five/six/seven buttons (minimum 1.25 inch diameter)

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry Needle


5 sts = 4”

4 rows = 4”




US Crochet Terms Used

  • ch – Chain

  • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

  • sl st – Slip Stitch

  • dc – Double Crochet

  • dcFLO – Double Crochet Front Loop Only

There are 3 sizes included in the tree skirt – 42”, 50”, and 58” in diameter. Depending on the size of your tree determines what size to make. As a rough estimate, I usually make the 42” skirt for trees 4.5’-6.5’. For trees 6.5’-8.5’ I will make the 50” skirt, and for trees larger than 8.5’ I make the 58” skirt. You can make the tree skirt bigger than 58” if you continue increasing in the same pattern.

In this pattern, the ch 2 does not count as a stitch. And when doing the slip stitch rows, make sure you slip stitch loosely otherwise your “circle” will not lay flat.

Now we are ready to get started!


Using a 15.75 mm/Q hook and 2 strands of yarn

ch 22

Row 1: 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc 1, *2 dc in the same st, dc 1*, repeat across, do not join, turn (30 sts)

Row 2: sl st across, turn (30 sts)

Row 3: ch 2, *dcFLO 1, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (45 sts)

Turn the skirt towards you to see the front loop of the slip stitch from the previous row

This pushes the double crochet from two rows below forward and shows off the pretty v which makes it look more like a knit stitch.

Row 4: sl st across, turn (45 sts)

Row 5: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 2* repeat across, turn (60 sts)

Row 6: sl st across, turn (60 sts)

Row 7: ch 2, *dcFLO 5, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (70 sts)

Row 8: sl st across, turn (70 sts)

Row 9:  ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 6*, repeat across, turn (80 sts)

Row 10: sl st across, turn (80 sts)

Row 11: ch 2, *dcFLO 7, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (90 sts)

Row 12: sl st across, turn (90 sts)

Row 13: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 8*, repeat across, turn (100 sts)

Row 14: sl st across, turn (100 sts)

Row 15: ch 2, *dcFLO 9, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (110 sts)

Row 16: sl st across, turn (110 sts)

Row 17: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 10*, repeat across, turn (120 sts)

Row 18: sl st across, turn (120 sts)

Fasten off if desired diameter is 42”. Weave in ends.

The finished tree skirt looks like a “slice” of the pizza was taken out. This is to allow room for the base of the stand. When you place the two edges together, it creates a small dome for the stand.

Continue on if you want the tree skirt larger.

Row 19: ch 2, *dcFLO 11, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (130 sts)

Row 20: sl st across, turn (130 sts)

Row 21: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 12*, repeat across, turn (140 sts)

Row 22: sl st across, turn (140 sts)

Fasten off if desired diameter is 50”. Weave in ends.


Row 23: ch 2, *dcFLO 13, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (150 sts)

Row 24: sl st across, turn (150 sts)

Row 25: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 14*, repeat across, turn (160 sts)

Row 26: sl st across, turn (160 sts)

Fasten off if desired diameter is 58”. Weave in ends.


Attach buttons along one edge of the skirt. For the 42” skirt, attach 5 buttons, 6 buttons if you make the 50”, and 7 buttons if you made the 58” skirt. The buttons are spaced every other row and the last button should be attached on the end of Row 18, 22, or 26.

Insert the button into a dc st on the opposite side of the “circle” to close.


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70 thoughts on “Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern”

    1. I’m so excited to start on this gorgeous skirt this week!! Can I ask what shade of red you used in your photo of the red skirt? I can’t decide between using fisherman or russet/cranberry/crimson – there’s too many good Christmas colors!

        1. I found Bernard Softee Chunky, color Vino is similar color #6. I was able to get enough yarn for the large skirt at Michales for about $30 as I hit a really good sale. I also found white snowflake buttons at Joanns that are adorable for the red skirt!

    1. Help. I followed this pattern but I didn’t get just a slice of pizza missing. It’s more like 3 slices of pizza missing. I went over the pattern again but I didn’t miss any step. Am I the only one with this problem?

        1. Worked this pattern twice and with 20 years of crocheting it was the same outcome. Could not get it to lay out flat enough to look right around a tree. Tried to post pics but won’t let me upload.

          1. I’ve made 2 of these tree skirts and I had the same problem. But I found if I laid out the skirt and stretched it out a bit, and then block it like you would a granny square, it helps get the proper shape. I tried to make my slip stitches looser the second time around as well. It perfectly buttons after doing those things.

  1. When I checked Amazon they carry 3 packs of the yarn (318 yds total) for about $30. The medium skirt calls for 950 yds. So is the skirt going to cost me around $90 plus hooks etc? I’m new to this and want to be sure I’m understanding it correctly. Thanks

    1. Yes that is correct. When I sell the finished tree skirt, I have to take into the cost of yarn which adds up quickly. Though, I have found that at Michaels I am able to get a skein of this yarn (106 yards) for no more than $6, Sometimes when they run really good sales, I can get it for $3.50-$4.50, which is when I really bulk up. You just have to watch for the sales.

  2. Hi, I can’t find any 6 weight yarn in the Color I wanted, so I got 5 weight. I am 15 rows in and the ends are not coming together. Just wondering if I can use 5 weight? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong ?

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  4. Hi,
    I emailed you not too long ago because I want to make the tree skirt with red yarn. I asked you what color red is used in the picture and was told pointsettia which I ordered. It is a good red but it has metallic ribbon in it. Do you have another suggestion besides Wool-ease quick & thick yarn for this pattern?
    Thank you,

  5. Rachel got back to me within just a couple of hours she worked on this with me for at least three or four text messages and now we’ve got it working right she is awesome this is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with a pattern that I am going to the creator and you’ve gotten back to me so fast thank you

  6. Hi! I love the pattern but when I “finished” it looks like I have 1/3 of a circle cut out…any suggestions for how to fix it? (I know I will need to start over, but what did I do wrong?) thanks!

    1. I think it’s probably a tension issue…I’m starting a second one and keeping things VERY loose…seems to be working 🙂

        1. I am going to try to make this. I’m going to use 2 different colors. When my uncle was alive, he wanted a white tree with blue ornaments. I got the white tree this year. Next year, I’m going to get get all the blue, and decorate in his memory.

          1. I just made this…just have to get the right buttons for this but I absolutely love it and have already had 2 people ask me to make this for them!!! Super easy but really have to be careful with the counting…I actually had to unravel almost the whole thing because of one missed stitch…🙄
            Thank you for the great directions and video!!!

  7. We have live trees so I’m wondering if the middle “hole” where the tree goes is going to be too small to go around the base of a tree? Has anyone made it for large live trees (about 7 to 8 feet tall)?

  8. MaryAnn Rhinebolt

    Getting ready to start this tree skirt …. read all comments ….. stitch loosely seems to be the answer hope it goes well …. a surprise gift for my secret sister….!!! I’ve been crocheting for years… fingers crossed!

  9. Is there a way to make this work with size 4 yarn? I tried two strands and a smaller hook (so) and 3 strands and a 15mm hook but both have a pretty big slice out of it.

  10. I am making this tree skirt. I don’t understand in Row 5 – it says – ch 2, *2dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO2* repeat across, turn (60 sets)

    So after the ch 2, do I crochet 2 dcFLO ?
    Then I dcFLO again -what does the 2 mean before this?

    In Row 7 – ch 2, *dcFLO 5, 2 dcFLO in the same st
    What does the 5 mean?

    Thanks for helping me.

    1. For Row 5 you put 2 DCFLO into the same stitch and then you DCFLO 1 in the next 2 stitches.
      For Row 7 you DCFLO 1 in the next 5 stitches and then put 2 DCFLO into the same stitch. Does that make sense?

  11. Making this tree skirt for a friend as a surprise. Nice project so far. BTW who eats three donuts while crotcheting 🙂 (two maybe but three is crazy)

  12. Can anyone explain to me line 5?
    Row 5: ch 2, *2 dcFLO in the same st, dcFLO 2* repeat across, turn (60 sts)
    And line 7?
    Row 7: ch 2, *dcFLO 5, 2 dcFLO in the same st*, repeat across, turn (70 sts)
    I’m a beginner!!

    1. Yes, so for Row 5, you put 2 double crochet front loop only into the same stitch. Then into the next stitch, you put 1 double crochet front loop only. Into the next stitch, you do 1 double crochet front loop only. Then you do the repeat again. Put 2 double crochet front loop only into the same stitch. Then into the next stitch, you put 1 double crochet front loop only. Into the next stitch, you do 1 double crochet front loop only.

      Line 7 is similar, but you put 1 double crochet front loop only into each of the next 5 stitches. (1 into each stitch) and then into the 6th stitch, you put 2 double crochet front loop only into it.

      Does that make sense?

    1. No, but I have heard of people using one skein of worsted weight and getting 3 strands from it to try and save money! I’ve had plans to make another one with worsted weight yarn, but haven’t yet. Maybe next year!

  13. Mine is curling up

    Am I understanding this correctly

    dcFLO 1, 2 dcFLO in same stitch

    That’s double crochet front loop in first stitch, then in next stitch 2 dcFLO etc?

  14. Hi, I’m attempting to make this beautiful skirt and I, too, have too big of a slice out…I can send you a pic. Can you please tell me what I did wrong? Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi,

    Amazing pattern! I LOVE it!! However, we have a thin, pencil tree and I only need a skirt that’s 25-28″ across, total. Any idea how many skeins/length I’d need for that size (obviously, doubled, since it’s two lines).I just don’t have any frame of reference of where I’d need to stop to get that size. Thanks so much!!!

  16. Hello. Im going to attemp this.. i got the yarn. I got the hook…. do you have a video for this??? I am youtube taught .pattrens not so much…but working on that!!! Like to have a video backup!

      1. So far so Im starting row 15…but I kinda have a big slice …I will wait till done and drape over a tree stand..
        I matched the gauge..and Ive recounted every row before moving to next…
        Its a very easy to understand pattern…
        Thanks. Ill post and tag when done

  17. Thank you for the lovely pattern!
    Just wondering if you could create matching Christmas stockings pattern to hang on the mantel🤔

  18. I’m making the tree skirt but on row 3 am I doing it from the previous slip row below? I’m a bit confused

    Thank you

  19. I am echoing a question someone else had: We get live trees and I do not think the hole in the middle that wraps around the tree will fit around the top of my tree stand? Can I just add onto the chain in the beginning or will it not work through the other rows?

  20. Hi there! I am attempting to make this skirt to fit my tree stand for a live tree…I began and then realized the size of chain would make it too small for my stand ha! The tree stand measures 48” at the point I want the top of the skirt to wrap around, I thought about just trying to extend the chain to match that and then follow your pattern. Do you think that would work? I love the style of this skirt and I do not have the most advanced skills as far as crocheting so besides the size issue, this pattern is perfect for me.

  21. Any chance you think a 7 weight yarn would work with just one strand? I bought Lion Brand I Like Big Yarn and I feel like it would make a beautiful tree skirt. Any ideas?

  22. I’m having trouble starting this pattern.
    It says “2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc 1, *2 dc in the same st, dc 1*, repeat across”
    After the dc 1 does it mean that I add 2 more dc into the same stitch as the 1 or after the dc1 do i move to the next stitch and then do 2 dc?

  23. Wondering how people solved the issue of the “pizza slice” being to large and the center hole being too small. Im basically finished with this and just now realized that with my real tree and wider tree stand, this will not fit, nor wrap around the base well. I think the pattern is for the tiniest tree stands. Do i have to start over or is there a fix? Thanks!

  24. I adored making this tree skirt. I used single strands of Caron Spiced Cakes a #6 yarn, a variegated yarn.
    The lights and decorations on my tree are in blue and pink so I used Brave Wave and Raspberry Rainbow. The last 2 rows were done with the 10mm using Wool Ease Thick & Quick In colour Celebration.
    For the double crochet rows I used a 9mm hook and a 10mm for the slip stitch rows.
    It lies beautifully and I wish I could show you how pretty it looks.

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